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Natural Supplements: Arnica, Bromelain, and Bioflavonoids

Natural Herbal Treatments that may aid Bruising

Arnica Montana– is a substance that has been widely used and recommended by physicians for years. Arnica Montana is recognized as safe. The effectiveness of arnica Montana for swelling and bruising and post-operative pain reduction is well documented by both clinical experience and physician testimonials. A recent study confirmed the beneficial effect of Arnica Montana in Face-lifts.(Arch Facial Plastic Surgery/ Vol 8 Jan/Feb 2006)

Bromelain- is a natural substance found in the pineapple, but the most concentrated levels come from the stem. All Bromelain is not created equal; therefore it is important to obtain stem bromelain that will provide you with the highest measurable concentration. This measurement is in GDU’s and always on the label. The goal is to obtain a formulated product with a low mg. and high GDU concentration. Studies performed 40 years ago showed that the oral administration of bromelain reduced edema, bruising, pain, and healing time after surgery. Although postsurgical administration was seen as effective, a combination of pre- and postoperative administration was recommended (J. Dent. Med. 1965;20:51; J. Dent. Med. 1964;19:73). Studies performed since the 1960s have confirmed bromelain's beneficial effects after surgery or trauma (Altern. Med. Rev. 2003;8:359; Obstet. Gynecol. 1967;29:275; Eye Ear Nose Throat Mon. 1968;47:634; J. Obstet. Gynaecol. Br. Commonw. 1972;79:951; Skin Therapy Letter. 2000;5:; Altern. Med. Rev. 1998;3:302).

Grape Seed Extract- is a very potent bioflavonoid. Grape Seed Extract provides the body with 50 times more antioxidant protection than Vitamin C or E, and may aid in repairing damaged capillaries.

Vitamin C- is also one of the commonly used dietary supplements and may provide benefit in wound healing. ( Pharmacology of vitamin C Annu Rev Nut 1994;14)

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