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Physician Comments:

“I have used Arnika Forte since the day it came out. My patients are impressed with the efficacy of the product.” (Plastic Surgeon/Beverly Hills)

“I was searching for an arnica that was easy to dose, and had bromelain.  Arnika Forte is a winner. I dose it 2 days prior to surgery to speed the recovery.” (Plastic Surgeon/Philadelphia)

“I have been using Arnika Forte on all my cosmetic surgery patients for well over 2 years. Our patients had significantly less bruising/swelling” (Facial Plastic Surgery/Chicago)

“Our patients love Arnika Forte. We put it in our pre/post surgical kit”. (Plastic Surgeon/New York)

“I use Arnika Forte before I inject all by filler patients. The patients rave about the efficacy of the product”. (Dermatologists/Florida)

“We give Arnika Forte to all of our Mohs/Filler patients to reduce the bruising and swelling”. (Dermatologist/Texas)

Patient Comments:

“I recovered a lot faster with Arnika Forte” (Daniela, Colorado)

“My physician told me to order Arnika Forte and he was right. I had less swelling and bruising”. (Jill, New York)

“I was very pleased with how fast I received the Arnika Forte, and how fast it worked on the bruising/swelling that I had from a face lift”. (Linda/Chicago)

“This is the second time that I have ordered Arnika Forte. I am very pleased with the results and the customer service. They do everything to ensure you have a positive outcome”. (Laura, Virginia)

“I ordered Arnika Forte when I had a face lift…..  It was amazing”. (Mary. Chicago)

“I always bruise when I receive either Radiesse or Sculptra injections.  At the last meeting that I was at my Dermatologist gave me Arnika Forte before the injection.  The product is absolutely amazing! “(Diane, Orange County, CA)
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